USNC Professional Team

Members of USNC Professional Team

  • Stan Bronson
    Executive Director, Florida Earth Foundation
    Know-how: Water Resources, Graduate Programs, Sustainable Water Resource Management, Water Education, Wetlands, Learning & Development
  • Rhonda Haag
    Sustainability Manager, Monroe County
    Know-how: Water Government Officials
  • Odemari Mbuya
    Professor, Florida A&M University
    Know-how: Best Management Practices
  • Keith Rizzardi
    Assistant Professor of Law, St. Thomas University
    Know-how: Biodiversity, Degree Programs, Government, Water Law
  • Hector Fuentes
    Full Professor, Florida International University
    Know-how: Water Quality, Hydrology, Groundwater
  • Miriam Belblidia
    Flood Mitigation Specialist, Water Works, L3C
    Know-how: Disaster Prevention, Policy Analysis & Adaptation
  • Erich Connell
    Associate Professor, East Carolina University - Department of Construction Management
    Know-how: Green Buildings
  • Frauke Hoss
    PhD candidate, Carnegie Mellon University
    Know-how: Governance Practises, Communication, Impact Assessment, Coastal Engineering
  • Kathy Baughman-McLeod
    Principal, KBM Strategies
    Know-how: Policy, Risk Management, Climate Change, Government relations, politics and policy
  • Jack Payne
    Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Florida
    Know-how: Food Security
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