Jed Redwine

Jed Redwine

South Florida Environments
United StatesGlobal citizen
Education: PhD

Jed's awareness of the value of natural resource conservation and active management of landscapes stems from his family's experience in western Oklahoma during the dust bowl conditions of the 1930's. This awareness has been expanded over the last nineteen years of education, research on the biological consequences of management actions, and formal participation in Everglades and Klamath watershed restoration processes. Jed is now focused on systematically reporting on the status and trends of a comprehensive set of natural resources in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park. Natural resource assessments lead to assigning causes to challenges and effectively managing the non-linear processes that drive natural systems. Whether it is investigating the effects of fire management (1994-1997), monitoring prey-base fish in coastal estuaries (1998), researching the consequence of protecting sub-tropical forests (1999-2006), designing and operating treatment wetlands (2007), planning/implementing a watershed restoration program (2007-2011), or systematically reporting on the status of natural resources (present), the goal is always clearly describing complex systems so that they can be managed efficiently.

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