2014 Comparative Water Law

Members of 2014 Comparative Water Law

  • Alexander  Kollmer
    Know-how: Media
  • Keith Rizzardi
    Assistant Professor of Law, St. Thomas University
    Know-how: Biodiversity, Degree Programs, Government, Water Law
  • Elizabeth van Dijl
    Florida Earth Netherlands Programs Coordinator and trainee at the Institute for European Environmental Policy, Florida Earth Foundation, Institute for European Environmental Policy
    Know-how: Water Efficiency
  • Clonjey Labbe
    Know-how: Water
  • Grant Grimes
    Know-how: Other
  • Alyna Perttu
    Know-how: Other
  • Filka Forkin
    Know-how: Groundwater Recharge, Graduate Programs, Airforce
  • Mary Caroline Farino
    Know-how: Drinking Water Managment
  • Celia Ricardo
    Know-how: International Law
  • Stan Bronson
    Executive Director, Florida Earth Foundation
    Know-how: Water Resources, Graduate Programs, Sustainable Water Resource Management, Water Education, Wetlands, Learning & Development
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